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Saturday, May 2, 2009

HAUL and other stuff

Ok. So on Thursday I went to IKEA knowing that I would buy a set of anordna organizers. Well, once I found them I saw that a few of them were on sale. So I was like "Heck Yes!" haha Seriously it was a good day for me. So I bought more than I had planned but it was such a pretty good deal I couldn't pass. So here it goes.

I had originally planned on getting this Anordna Lyx. I really wanted a black one though. =/
Receipt. Duh. =D

And a little cam whoring.

One last thing. My temporary vanity and my dollar tree brush holder and marbles. I will be getting the Malm dressing table. They are selling it for $148 including the Malm mirror. Still saving up for it. Gahhhh I can't wait.

Thanks for viewing everyone!!


mzkrystall said...

im lovin your makeup area! and btw, i didnt know those marbles can work for your brushholders! i saw them at dollar tree and was debating whether to get those or the ones at michaels, but i think id just go back to dollar tree and get those! much cheaper! hehe btw, loving your banner

stylejeng said...

hey girl!!! thank you. yeah they work pretty good for small or thinner brushes because with the bigger brushes it's hard to insert them in properly. but yeah i'm all up for saving a few bucks too!!

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