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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My First Award


The stunning Amanda have given me this award. She has amazing product reviews and awesome tutorials. Definitely check her out. Thanks girl!

Terms & Conditions For the Award Recipient:

Paste the Award Logo in your blog.

Give out the award to 10 Blogs that you feel the most inspired and most friendly.

Make sure you back linked the recipients' blogs to your blog.

Inform the recipients about the award by leaving them comments on their blog.

Give some love to the person who give you this award.

And so here are the ladies I would love to share this award with:

1. Katy

2. Suzi

3. Leanna

4. Eki

5. Sonia

6. Ann

7. Aubrey

8. Sophia

9. Nu

10. Rose Babe

These ladies have given me the most inspiration in fashion, style, and makeup. They’re unique in every way. =D


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