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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Eyeko Nail Polish Review

Well I received my packages from Eyeko a month or so ago. It took a good whole week to receive them which I think is a decent period of time considering they're located in the UK. Very Exciting. If I may also say, customer service is amazing. When I ordered from them during a promotional time, I had forgotten to put the promotion code. I went ahead and e-mailed customer service, and within hours they replied back telling me that they added the promotion code to my order. That saved me a whopping $11.00 yo!! HAHA

My Eyeko Ambassador Code is
E265 .You can use it anytime you need it with a minimum purchase of £10. hehe

One code per order.

Anyway, onto my reviews.


Price: $5.50 /£3.00 / 4.00€
I ordered 4 colors and got the other 2 for free during the Buy 2 get 1 Free Promotion.

These polishes have larger bottle opening so for those who are on the clumsy side..BE CAREFUL! =D But besides that, let your creativity lead its way. OR keep it simple. ;D

Pretty Polish
This color is so cute it makes me want to bite my nails. LOL I like the baby pink color.
Punk Polish
HOT! You can make this a really hot pink by applying thicker coats or neon pink with lighter coats.
Pastel Polish
I have never worn this kind of color before. It's kind of like wearing a white colored polish. I think I like it. It has like this shimmery effects on the nails and it looks so much better in person.
Vamp Polish
I love black nail polish period. With this one, only 1 coat will do. But I did 2 coats coz I like the look of thick nails (?).
Red Nail Polish
Fire gorgeous. This is the type of color you wear for an intimate dinner. Smexy!
Disco Polish
The name speaks for itself. This polish is very flashy. Also, this screams MY FAVORITE! I love love love this color.

*I applied 2 coats for every color.

Now to sum everything up, this collection of polishes are a must have for Eyeko fans. This stuff is great and worth the money. Try them out yourself and have fun with the colors.

I hope Eyeko comes out with more colors though. I'm hoping for purple, gold, and blue!!

Here's what I've been sporting for about 4 days now..

4 Days and no chipping! Sweet product, eh?!

Don't forget to use the code E265 on your next purchase and receive a FREE GIFT.


Lipstick on the cup said...

Bottles are really cute! These nail polishes look great on your nails!

Gel-Nails said...

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Anonymous said...

ate jeng, kaw gumawa ng skin mo? Thanks, aya (:

ajoye02 said...

I love these colors, I am about to order Pretty Pink, Pastel Polish, and few others. However, I could not find Disco Polish, is it not being sold anymore? I am just wondering if you could let me know about this. And is the ambassador code still available?

Thanx so much for the info on this line =D

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