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Monday, June 1, 2009


imageHello Ladies! mzkrystall has reached over 100+ subscribers and so she is so sweet enough to host a contest to thank all of her readers. i love reading her blog because she puts tons of pictures and information in her posts and i love that. that means she really gives time and effort so that she can give the readers a substantial post. If you’re not a follower then i suggest you should now. this lady is amazing in her own right. =]

****DEADLINE: Deadline is June 19th, 2009. midnight Pacific Standard Time ***

This is my first contest entry (here at blogspot, LOL) Aye, aye i have gone picture crazy and too much of a cam whore.

The inspiration

barbie-loves-mac 454663724_44626cb59a MAC BARBIE

and my recreation

The Chosen One: Barbie 1

IMG_2352IMG_2385 IMG_2355 IMG_2359 IMG_2366

eyesfront1 closeup1

products used:


  1. aqua cg smoothers tinted moisturizer in light/medium
  2. Eyeko tinted cream
  3. eyeko 3-in-1 cream
  4. studio fix fluid in NC30
  5. everday minerals in golden medium
  6. mac emote blush
  7. mac ablaze blush
  8. mac tippy blush
  9. coastalscents 6 blush/contour palette (row 1, column 1, not pictured)



  1. Urban decay primer potion
  2. coastal scents 88 matte palette (row 4, column 3)
  3. coastal scents 88 shimmer palette (row 2, column 3)
  4. coastal scents 28 neutral palette (row 4, column 6)
  5. mac tippy blush (for highlight)
  6. stila smudge pot in black
  7. sassi false lashes no. 503
  8. eyeko big eyes mascara
  9. nyx dark brown brow liner
  10. mac technakohl liner in photogravure



  1. mac lickable lipstick
  2. nyx lip liner in pinky
  3. mac love alert lipglass (not pictured)IMG_2442


The Extra Eye Candy: Barbie 2

IMG_2416IMG_2421IMG_2420IMG_2422IMG_2408eyesfront2 closeup2

products used:


  1. aqua cg smoothers tinted moisturizer in light/medium
  2. studio fix fluid in NC30
  3. everday minerals in golden medium
  4. mac tippy blush
  5. mac mineralize skinfinish in redhead



  1. mac girl frinedly paint pot
  2. mac e/s in et tu bouquet
  3. nyx trio e/s in cherry, cool blue, hot pink (only cherry and hot pink mixed together)
  4. mac e/s in shadowy lady
  5. mac e/s pink source (highlight)
  6. mac technakohl liner in photogravure
  7. ardell false lashes in demi 101
  8. cover girl lash blast mascara



  1. mac lipstick in strayin’
  2. nyx lip liner in pinky
  3. mac steal my heart lipglass (not pictured)





so i was looking through the choices mzkrystall had provided for us. and then i finally decided on recreating the barbie loves mac photos. and there were two girls so i thought maybe i can do both of them!! i’m not sure if it’s allowed. sorry i got too carried away. hehe good luck to everyone who joins the contest!!!


donnarence said...

so pretty.. i love the one with green.. very lovely.. :D love everything plus the lips..

stylejeng said...

@donnarence: hey girl!!! thanks!! hehe i love the lip colors. so girly and playful..<333

mzkrystall said...

wow!! i love them both girl! but can u pls choose one? they both are pretty!! and i dont know which one to judge.. im sorry!!! goodjob! and thanks for entering girl! =]

Danica Krizia said...

cute cute! it's really pretty! i like the 2nd one the best!

becky said...

omg both of the looks are amazing!! you have great makeup skills girl!! Im more drawn to the green and pink one :)

lipstick cherry said...

hey i think you did a REALLY AMAZING JOB! & big ups for ur very first entry!

*Nehs* said...

wow! i love it! very cool!

DENiSE said...

wow both looks are so perdy... best of luck on the contest im sure u have a good chance winning it!!! i <3 ur blog!

Fashion Without Guilt said...

Your makeup is gorgeous. You did a excellent job on your recreation. I so need to know how to do mkaeup better.

Pop Champagne said...

I love your entry!! I voted for you cuz everything was dead on- the colors, the blending... great job!! :D

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