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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Painful Hair Dye Experience

OMGoodness!! So 3 days ago I dyed my hair. I was going for a blondy orange look. I had a tight budget so I chose a hair dye that was on sale for 2 for 5 bucks at Fred Meyer. The other one is for my boyfriend and he chose a red/burgundy color. I asked my sister to do my hair and while she brushes on the dye I started feeling burns and it was just painful. It lasted for 10 minutes but I left dye on my hair for about 1 hour and 1/2. I was able to endure the pain because I just really wanted to get my hair re-colored and get it over with and not waste money. LOL I know it’s probably bad and not the healthiest but I was desperate. But I tell ya, I’m never buying any cheap branded hair dye again. >_<

The hair dye you shouldn’t buy!!


Before the pain and orangeness.. IMG_2624 What I used:IMG_2625 With the hair dye onIMG_2628 After

IMG_2629 IMG_2630


cydangie said...

omg..are you gonna re-dye your hair? i just dyed my hair yesterday at the hair salon...i wanted dark brown but ending up to be BLACK. omgosh!

becky said...

how funny i just had the same experience yesterday. I dont think its because its cheap. I think its the ammonia in the ingredients. My aunt was dying hair when i felt burning sensation on my scalp. We got scared and washed my hair right sway. I didnt want to risk of losing my hair.

next time, i need to buy a hair dye without ammonia.

KRYSTAL said...

ouch!! awww sorry to hear about ur bad experience, i probably wouldve done the same and gotten the cheaper one. that happened to me before, i had to buy a black dye and dye my hair back to black cuz i wasnt happy with the results! haha

btw, about the fathers day gift, maybe a mens perfume or a tshirt would be nice, if you cant find anything, u should get a gift card.. lol last solution! gosh its hard for me to buy gifts for my hubby too! or even my dad.. haha.

thanks for the sweet comments! take care =]

Nu Nu Doll said...

ouch!! That happened to be a few years ago. My hair just plain won't take any hair dye.. :(

Stephie said...

oh my sweet dear! the same thing happened to me last year...

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