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Monday, June 1, 2009

Feel the love <3


Once upon a time there was a princess named Nu, who was so god damn beautiful. she had everything an ordinary girl could only dream of. she has the body, beauty, and brains. she’s an independent woman and needs no guy to complete her, although she has quite a few suitors. she had opened her life and shared her beauty escapades through what we call a “blog”.  but there was something missing. What else could a princess ask for? well when another beauty blogger (that’s me = ] ) sensed her dilemma, she offered to help and hopefully cheer her up in replace of the inspiration she brings at no cost. the princess was willingly enough to make it possible. they worked together to achieve the fulfillment the princess deserves. after all the back and forth “email” convos, the princess was pleased. and as nice as the princess was, she insisted to give her helper a thank you present. and as humble as the helper was, she accepted because she felt the gratitude the princess showed her. The end.

i know that’s a rough ending, but some times it’s hard to end things. lol and so here is the package the lovely nu had sent me.

IMG_2337 IMG_2345IMG_2338    i seriously love everything you have sent me nu. the juice quencher smells so good, the lollipop and chocolates, yum!! the nail polishes..omgoodness these are my first o.p.i polishes. and then the small letter was so sweet. thanks for this babe. ahhhh i shall replace these in the near future. i have your address already. thanks love! <333


i hope you liked my saga. haha it’s quite cheesy i know.



Nu Nu Doll said...

Your first OPI's?! Haha Damn! No fear girl, you'll be getting many more soon! :) I love nail polishes!

stylejeng said...

yeahh i know it's a shame!! haha

mzkrystall said...

omg lucky you! i dont own any opi polishes either! so ur not alone hahah!

stylejeng said...

@mzkrystall oh really. wow i thought i was the only one haha yeah thanks to Nu, now I own three!!How cool is that?! =D

Danica Krizia said...

lol girl i don't any opi's either! haha

stylejeng said...

@Danica Krizia: oh geez i thought i was like the last one on earth who doesn't own any opi's. how come miss danica? for me, i just thought they're a little pricey and i wasn't really into doing my nails before. hehe

Angela said...

Those nail polishes look so beautiful!!! Love it!

EmElle said...

oh gosh (: your so pretty. i haven't got any OPI's yet, but by the looks of them i shall be placing an order pretty soon.



stylejeng said...

@ EmElle: hey there!! thank you for dropping by. the OPI polishes I received are so pretty. and they are very good quality. =)

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