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Friday, February 13, 2009

Blogging Journey *moved from vox*

Oh goodie! Here's another attempt to blog. I've started a few blogs in the past but failed to update them a lot..I'm hoping this one should last as my life has gotten pretty interesting and will be a bit challenging since I am faced with a new role in my life. I am now a mother. My son was born January 14, 2009. Best day ever! I love him to death..but as I've said life is more challenging and so to keep sane I want to be able to journal the happenings in my life. Oh and I will also be blogging about my latest raves and wants since I still am a young adult.

Let's see well, right now I'm so into makeup. I love MAC cosmetics, although I've stopped buying since the neo sci fi collection and I only bought like one blush. hehe I'm totally looking forward to purchasing more makeup especially the Hello Kitty collection. I've seen videos on Youtube about the unveiling event. Totally jealous!! haha Yepperz!! I need a phone. I want the Samsung Tocco in coral pink but too expensive to buy it unlocked and the closest I can get to it is the Samsung Behold from T-mobile. Last thing I want is a macbook so that I can have my own laptop and not have to kick out my boyfriend from his pc. I guess that's it!! It's not like I can afford these stuff all at once.

I know I shouldn't be spending too much money and that I have a son to take care of. But I don't think I'm that bad. I am taking good care of him and he has everything he needs. I think I deserve a little something something. hehe


Anonymous said...

Your son is so cute! (:

stylejeng said...

awwww thanks hun!! he's so much bigger now.

KRYSTAL said...

awwww your son is so cute! i didnt know you had a child too!! are we really close to the same age?! hehe.. cool!! how old is your son now?!

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