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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I missed blogspot!! =/

Although I haven’t been active with blog updates, I have been lurking on my fave ladies’ blogs. By the way, thanks to miss Nu for pushing me to update my blog. Thanks girlfriend hehe =D

Ok so, what have I been up to you ask? Well, nothing that’s interesting and exciting. I have just been occupied with my little one, and watching a whole bunch of YouTube makeup tutorials and such. Yep it doesn’t sound much does it but I kind of like the break it gave me.

For this blog post I just want to share with you about the past weekend. Share some hauls and random bits.

So last Sunday the 6th was my baby daddy’s birthday. Woohoo! We ate at Todai for lunch. It was awesome! Me and him starved ourselves the night before just to have more room to indulge in. But what do you know, after one plate full of goodies my stomach couldn’t take anymore. Such a bummer. I even forgot to take pictures cause I was too excited about eating at that place for the first time. haha I’m such a dork. Anyway,I didn’t plan any surprise this time, I just gave him a card and gave him 100 bucks and said, “Dad I want you to pick your birthday gift/s this time around since I’ve always picked something out for you”. And what does he buy? A video game! LOL I’m not complaining it’s just that it amazes me every time he does that. And the rest he spent on snacks etc. His eldest sister bought him clothes from Macy’s because she has a reward card (I think that’s what it’s called) there and they had pretty good discounts. She saved $80 on everything such a good deal I say.

Picture time!

We live in Portland, OR and we’re known for our flowers. We are “The City of Roses” for something I guess hehe These were a few weeks ago. It’s sort of like our last look of the summer season lol The weather was changing at this point.


My family. =]


Mommy and Sam Gian <333


IMG_3557 IMG_3540

We also went to the park close by..


IMG_3571Poor baby he was getting sleepy


My baby’s growing teeth!! Yikes!! haha It used to be only one growing which is the tooth on the left, now the right side is catching up. I was worried at first LOL

Alright, I’ve also done some haulin’…

Sally Beauty Supply Haul


I love this nail polish remover. $5.99


Yes I got extensions. I miss my long hair. =/ $46.99

The brush is a must have. It makes my hair look shiny and smooth. Also good for brushing your hair extensions. I don’t remember the price exactly but I believe it’s around 6 bucks.

IMG_3610 These two are a perfect combination. I got a good deal on it too. Buy a base coat and get a free top coat. $4.95

AVON haul

One of my local malls has an AVON store. I never really knew about it until last Thursday we were cruising through different stores. And so I did a bit of damage. They had a sale going on so I splurged. O.O


This is a cream eye shadow in aquamarine. It’s not as pigmented as a paint pot but it works. $6.00


Denim Blues Quad


Purple Haze Quad


Fresh Cut Greens Quad

I got all three of these quads for $9.99 I freaked out when I saw the sign. Well, just a little haha I even asked the sales lady. These were the colors that stood out the most. Again, they’re not as pigmented as a MAC e/s would, but they work for a subtle look. Regular price $8.00 each


L-R: Champagne, Delicate Pink

These lipsticks are gorgeous. They apply so smooth and they’re so creamy but not sticky. They’re not long lasting though, so you have to keep reapplying. But otherwise, these are gorg

$2.25 each it was on Clearance


Dual ended eye liner in  blue-turquoise $3.99 


L-R: Lip Brush, Eye Liner Brush, Concealer Brush, Eye liner brush

These brushes are such a good find. Gahhh I’m in love. Sorry I lost the prices for these all I know is that they were cheap and they cost no more than 5 bucks! =D

Target Haul

Soap & Glory The Fab Pore Facial Peel


This is my Holy Grail for skin care. It is amaaaaaaaaaaazing. Okay, one of my major skin dilemma is my uber large pores. I have tried a couple products that claim to tighten and make my pores smaller, but they just never ever worked for me. Until I found this! It is such a heaven sent. I have been using this for 2 weeks and I can testify that it really made my pores a lot smaller and almost invisible.

I apply this at night right after I cleanse my face with Loreal Face Wash. I keep it on my face for 15 minutes or longer ;D and wash it off. When applying this, it has little beads of mint that gives a tingling effect. It is so refreshing and you can feel that it’s working. Unlike other masks, when it dries it doesn’t feel tight on your skin to the point where you can’t even smile. But this you can laugh your heart out without a single ouch. So after washing my face and pat it dry, when I look into the mirror my face would have this instant glow. The very first night I used it I was like wow I never really knew how my face would look like without gigantic pores catching my attention. It seemed to have even out my skin tone. I think that’s what they mean by ‘facial peel.’ I then proceed to toning my face with Biore facial toner and moisturize with Olay moisturizer. This is a very promising product. My next buy would be their Eye serum. Thanks Soap & Glory! =D

Random Shizz

My fave instant ramen noodles!! <333

DSC01417 DSC01418

And  some photo whoring =)

IMG_3600 IMG_3601 IMG_3602 IMG_3603 IMG_3604IMG_3605

Thanks everyone for dropping by. I hope this post fills you in for however long I was gone. I’ll try to update with any interesting thing that will happen to me. lol I have 75 followers so thanks so much for supporting my blog. Until next time mmmwahhh

Much Love

<3 Angela


MEii said...

omg i truly agree Lee Min Ho is so HOT! lol i love it when he smile so cute. lol

u look so beautiful on the second picture with ur baby!
i'm so jealous of u, ur skin is so flawless and beautiful!!!!

hahaha...i did the same thing this past couple weeks too, just watching youtube videos and looking at tutorials since i had nothing to do either. lol

miss.erica said...

Welcome back!! I missed you :(

You and your baby look gorgeous :D

And I LOVEEEE those instant noodles too!!! Yum yum...

Anonymous said...

Wow! You are gorgeous! I loveeee the makeup!! Look like a DOLL!! Flawless!

Anonymous said...

wow really great makeup
love the eyes and the lip colour

hey I was also wondering about you hair
when you dyed it did you bleach it so it could turn out that brown.... or did you just use normal blonde hair dye or bown hair dye?

I was just wondering cause I wana go from black to borwn but im not sure weather or not to use bleach or just normal blonda hair dye or brown???

please get back

★stillFAB. said...

beautiful photos! How old is your baby? TC sis

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